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Past Productions | 2005 – present

46 plays from nearly 20 countries, 27 U.S. premieres  
*denotes U.S. premiere , †denotes World premiere 
all photos by Peter Wochniak |


Bitter Fruit | by Héctor Levy-Daniel*

The Good Ship St. Louis | by Philip Boehm


     Iphigenia in Splott | by Gary Owen


     Wildfire | by David Paquet*


     The Agitators | by Mat Smart

    Salt, Root & Roe | by Tim Price *

    Wittenberg | by David Davalos


    Chef | by Sabrina Mahfouz *

    A Tree, Falling | by Ron Elisha *

    Infected | by Albert Ostermaier, trans. by Philip Boehm *


    Sweet Revenge | by Aleksander Fredro, trans. and adapted by Philip Boehm *

    A Human Being Died That Night | by Nicholas Wright, based on the book by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

    The Year of the Bicycle | by Joanna Evans *


    Suspended | by Maya Arad Yasur †

    The Glass Menagerie | by Tennessee Williams

    Shining City | by Conor McPherson


    The Kiss | by Ger Thijs, translated by Paul Evans *

    Rime of the Ancient Mariner | by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, adapted by Patrick Siler †

    Bashir Lazhar | by Eveylne de la Chenelière, translated by Morwyn Brebner 


    Antigone | by Sophocles, translated by David Slavitt US premiere of translation.

    Windmill Baby | by David Milroy *

    Forget Me Not | by Tom Holloway *


    Diary of a Madman | by Nikolai Gogol, adapted by David Holman

    An Iliad | by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare, based on Robert Fagles’ translation of the Homeric text

    Café Chanson | by Ken Page †


    The Hairy Ape | by Eugene O’Neill

    Conversations with an Executioner | by Kazimierz Moczarski, adapted by Philip Boehm

    The Maids | By Jean Genet, translated by Martin Crimp


    Blood Wedding | by Federico Garcia Lorca, translated by Langston Hughes and adapted by Melia Bensussen

    The Death of Atahualpa | by Philip Boehm, based on the Quechua oral tradition †

    Cooking with Elisa | by Lucía Laragione English translation by Philip Boehm *


    Oedipus King | by Sophocles, English translation David Slavitt 

    Outlying Islands | by David Greig 

    The Double Bass | by Patrick Süskind, English translation by Michael Hofmann


    Helver’s Night | by Ingmar Villqist, English translation by Philip Boehm *

    Woyzeck | by Georg Büchner, English adaptation by Philip Boehm Premiere of adaptation

    Aerwacol | by Sean Dixon *


    The Starry Messenger | by Rick Foster

    Blood Knot | by Athol Fugard  

    El Concierto | by Ulises Rodrígues Febles *

    The Polish Egg Man | by Agnes Borinsky †


    Return of the Bedbug | by Philip Boehm † 

    Knives in Hens | by David Harrower 


    Marija’s Pictures | by Lydia Scheuermann-Hodak * 

    Alma en venta/Soul on Sale | by Philip Boehm †


    Helen’s Necklace | by Carole Fréchette *

    Soul of a Clone | by Philip Boehm †