by Héctor Levy-Daniel

October 13 - 29, 2023 at The Marcelle

María doesn’t understand why her mother hired this new maid. She’s convinced the woman’s spying on behalf of the workers in their factory. But there’s something about her even more unsettling… Tensions smolder as a web of secrets, deceptions, and denials begins to unravel in this taut drama by Argentine playwright Héctor Levy-Daniel, where even love may be sacrificed on the altar of class.

Directed and translated by Philip Boehm (SDC)
Scenic Design by Patrick Huber
Costume Design by Michele Friedman Siler
Directed by Philip Boehm (SDC) 
Lighting Design by Steve Carmichael

With Michele Burdette-Elmore,* Isaiah Di Lorenzo, Jane Paradise,* Jennifer Theby-Quinn* and featuring live music by Lliam Christy.
* Member, Actors Equity Association

"Upstream Theater’s splendid Bitter Fruit becomes almost too moving at times. It’s great theatre.”

– Bob Wilcox, HEC

"...every moment on stage wriggles out of the one that came before, like a psychological origami."

– Richard Green, Talkin’ Broadway

". . .an excellent, evocative musical score, performed live on guitar by Lliam Christy..."

–Michelle Kenyon