Refuge & Reconciliation: 

an Upstream Theater Retrospective

To close our first (and we hope only) virtual season, we offer another retrospective of some of our past shows that explore themes related to refuge and asylum, as well as reconciling with past injury and injustice. The video will open with this link Friday June 18th and follow our usual 3-weekend show schedule: June 18-20, June 24-27, and July 1-4

Once again we reached out to a number of actors, directors, designers and even a critic (!) -- and we hope this foray behind the scenes conveys how grateful we are to have so many talented professionals in our collective. Please check out this teaser trailer in advance!
After you view the piece we'd love to hear your thoughts – on returning to the stage, on the power of theater, or anything else you'd like to share with Upstream Theater.